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CRS Solutions is a leading private investigation and security consultancy located in Central Auckland, owned and operated by former police and military specialists.

We have a proven track record of success in Surveillance, GPS Tracking,  Tracing, Interviewing, Insurance Fraud and Infidelity Investigations.

CRS Solutions have provided security solutions for World sporting organisations, corporations, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and their families, International Celebrities and Business and Media traveling to war Zones. Our former Special Forces Consultants provide safety and security for all our clients.

Our Investigations and operations are conducted with complete confidentiality and privacy in mind.

We work in partnership with our clients to achieve cost effective results using the highest level of expertise and commitment to achieve the results in a confidential way. CRS Solutions team of private investigators, Surveillance specialists and security consultants have extensive experience and will provide you with the facts, information and evidence you seek. CRS Solutions Investigations operate with efficiency as Auckland’s best and most experienced private investigators  your enquiry will be completed with confidentiality. From Insurance fraud investigations to surveillance on a cheating partner, CRS Solutions Investigations achieve results. Fast.

CRS Solutions.  Experience, Confidentiality and Integrity.

We are a licence company, our investigations are legal, complying with the “Search and Surveillance” and the “Privacy” Acts.