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CRS Solutions are a leading counter surveillance, TSCM ( Bug Sweeping )company with services designed to prevent loss of sensitive information from electronic surveillance and spying.

TSCM: Technical Surveillance Counter Measures ( Bug Sweeping )

We offer advanced counter surveillance or  bug sweeping services to all levels of industry and private homes. We work within offices, factories, warehousing, design centres, laboratories, trading floors and any other areas that may be the target of electronic surveillance or espionage. We also offer advanced bug sweeping services to individuals at their homes.

Our experienced sweep personnel are based at strategic points within New Zealand, to provide a highly effective and reliable service nation wide with the support of the most up to date technology and equipment.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures – Business and Corporate

Fully experienced professional personnel carry out counter measure or counter surveillance sweeps with many years experience in locating eavesdropping devices.
We use the most up to date and advanced system equipment that is able to detect active and non active transmitters in addition to the latest threat of GSM devices. Equipment used includes non linear junction detectors, sophisticated spectrum analysis, short and long duration signal analysis software, video detection and specialist GSM location and tracking equipment.

Counter Surveillance Bug Sweeping – In the Home

Homes can often be the target of electronic surveillance, where listening bugs and video bugs can be planted with surprising ease. Many of these devices can be hidden in sockets, electronic equipment, lights and electrical wiring. They can also easily be fitted to phone lines and in cavities within walls and ceilings. Depending on the level of threat, we use the same counter surveillance equipment for the TSCM countermeasures sweeps in the office or business workplace.

Counter Surveillance in Vehicles and Boats

In addition to offices, businesses and homes, it is commonplace for vehicles and yachts to be the subject of surveillance and spying.

Discreet TSCM personnel can visit your vehicle or yacht and carry out a counter surveillance sweep. This will include a full electronic and visual inspection with special attention given to covert position trackers that may be used to determine your whereabouts and journey routes.

TSCM Risk Assessment and Risk Analysis

In any work or home environment there stands a risk of another person or company setting a concealed device to monitor your private information. Each company or person is subject to a risk level which can be from 0% to 99%.

This risk level can vary according to circumstances and timing, but also importantly, can be directly connected to the ease that a device can be planted, and monitored. A risk assessment will identify any weak or accessible areas of security, referenced with the type of devices that can be planted, and finally to provide a logistic and physical solution to the problem.