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Will Russell Director of Investigation

Following a distinguished and highly decorated 17-year career in London’s Metropolitan Police Will has worked in the private Investigation, surveillance and security consultancy for the past 4 years gaining a wealth of knowledge in the private sector.

Will’s experience and ability is second to none – as one of the original members of the Peckham drug squad in the mid 90’s Wills career developed into the investigating of disorder and violent crime, resolving numerous kidnaps, and being at the forefront of murder, armed robbery, and terrorism investigations and the protection of World leaders visiting the UK and he finished his career being an integral member of a team tasked with both preventing and combating attacks on the 2012 Olympics.

Will has been involved in hundreds of Surveillance deployments and Investigations targeting Insurance fraud, insurance disability fraud, breaches of restraint of trade orders, child custody battles and infidelity. (Cheating partner investigations.) Will has since consulted on a major investigation into fuel theft at several huge mine sites in Western Australia; project managed a large-scale task to train the police and Military in Nigeria before settling in Auckland, lead security consultant at the 2016 FIFA U20 World cup.

Will’s role as a director of WPR Investigations involves him in complex investigations, surveillance and performing close protection and security reviews while bringing a wealth of international experience to Auckland.

Logan Cadwallader Director of Security Operations

Logan is the co-founder and a director of CRS Security Solutions and after establishing CRS as a global risk management consultancy in 2014 continues to build its reputation through its specialist personnel.
He has over 20 years of combined experience in the New Zealand Defence Force and the Private Security Industry. He previously served in the New Zealand Defence Force in New Zealand Special Air Service Regiment (NZSAS) and has first-hand exposure to security issues in many political climates around the world.
He is a highly experienced security professional with over ten years in the private security industry, where his most recent role was as Country Security Manager for Pilgrims Group Limited, where he developed and led the organizations business strategy in Iraq.
Logan has a considerable amount of knowledge and skills in the industry and has proven experience in many security settings that involves a wide range of security functions from the design and development of security plans to risk and continuity management plans.
Today Logan pursues specialist investor/operator strategy for CRS working with stakeholders globally to build a portfolio of leading-edge security technology that responds to quality market offerings.