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Suspicious of an employee’s conduct, or your partners recent behaviour? Desire peace of mind monitoring the location of a vulnerable person or your child?

GPS Vehicle Tracking by our Private Investigators – Cost effective, covert and state of the art, CRS Investigations utilise the most modern and accurate GPS trackers available. User friendly smart phone applications allow you to track and monitor, whether it be an employee, an important person or your valuable assets. There are many other applications for our smaller devices, they maybe sewn into school bags or luggage to give you peace of mind about the location and safety of loved one travelling around Auckland or in remote or dangerous destinations abroad.

They can also be fitted to clothing or worn by vulnerable or elderly people to ensure that you know there location and their safety can be monitored.

We use state of the art GPS vehicle tracking devices, they are reliable, water proof, highly accurate, long lasting and cost effective.

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  • Peace of mind.
  • Intelligence gathering.
  • Establish patterns of behaviour.
  • Covert and discreet.
  • Daily location reports transposed onto Google maps.
  • Accurate to 1 meter, location updates every 5 seconds.
  • Utilise with conventional surveillance methods.